July 12th, 2008

Arashi's TV Shows Time and dates?

Hi everyone... i hope this is the place to ask... right now I'm in japan and I have a TV.  However I am unable to watch any Arashi shows because I don't know which dates and time do they air.  The only one I have been able to watch is Ohno's Maou drama.  I hope someone can help me and tell me which channel (like ch 12,1, etc) and when does it air (ex. Monday at 10pm) .  I really want to watch Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Himitsu no Arashi-chan, etc.  PLEASE HELP ONEGAISHIMASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much appreciated!
Kamiyama White

Screencaps: Sho's new au cm!

Saw the CM this morning and I just posted this when people started putting up the vids - that's how long it took me to get these up! ^^;;

Title: Sakurai Jones - Henshin!
Number: Over 60 screencaps of Sho-chan's new cm + some gifs!
Warning: Very pic heavy!
Note: There's about 20 I didn't post but that's because they were just pics of the morphing phone and not Sho-chan. Feel free to take and repost the pics as long as you don't claim that you capped them yourself. Sorry, there aren't any bigger versions either.


(Because male transformations are a turn on!)

News Zero clips?

Hi, nice to meet you all!
I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find/watch the "Go for Beijing" part of News Zero, where Sho goes to interview athletes?
Have they be uploaded here? or does anyone have them they can put up?
Thanks in advance! xx
Jpop - Arashi -  MJ Close-up

Fanvid: Because I Love You (Arashi/Arashi)

Hello, all! My first post to this community, though I've loved Arashi for what feels like ages. Please enjoy the fanvid!

TITLE: Because I Love You
MUSIC: "Because I Love You" by Groove Coverage (original by Stevie B.)
SUMMARY: A love letter from Arashi, to Arashi
SPOILERS: ...Can you HAVE spoilers in an Arashi vid?

( View at iMEEM )

Or download from:
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