July 13th, 2008


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[01-05] Inoue Mao x Matsumoto Jun
[06-08] Inoue Mao
[09-17] Aragaki Yui
[18-22] Toda Erika
[23-30] Arashi
[31-36] NEWS
[37-46] Miura Haruma


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Hello minna~

There's been a bit of discussion about U.S. fan meetups over on Vox, but not everyone's lucky enough to live in California :P  However, I (http://tsuristyle.vox.com/) and ingrid (http://tokyo707.vox.com/) are looking to maybe have a Minnesota gathering, if there's enough interest.  If you live in the Twin Cities or are willing to travel there and would be interested in a meetup, please comment here or on my vox and let me know!  And suggestions for activites would be much appreciated too :D