July 14th, 2008

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Kaze no Mukou e Video with Sho

I Just found this on YouTube and I thought I should share
The Vid is post by Sakuraiwife's@youtube  and I'm not sure where's it from (since I mentioned I just found it -_-")
I'm guessing it's the opening or ending of some news reports  on Beijing Olympic  

The point is there's Kaze n Mukou e and Sho is really Kakkoi  :))  with the raps he wrote

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Vote Please!!

I found this in fybabe's blog.. I want to vote, but since it's in Japanese, I don't know what to chose, so I haven't vote yet.. If there is someone who can translate this so anyone can vote, please do it..
Let's vote, minna-san!!

*edit: thanks to penmi to told me, it's a vote for anyone who has watched Hanadan F. so if you have watched it, please vote.. i'm sorry for my stupid..

anyway, as penmi wrote, the questions are:

1. Was the movie funny/interesting?
2. Who was your favourite character?
3. Why did you go to watch the movie?

once again, i'm sorry for my stupid..
shota matsuda ※ OK

sixty-five icons

- Air Gear 01 - 05
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 06 - 10

- Masumoto Jun 01 - 05
- Miura Haruma 06 - 10
- Sato Takeru 11 - 15
- Mizobata Junpei 16 - 20
- Koike Teppei 21 - 25
- Yamapi + Ikuta 26 - 35

- DBSK 01 - 10
- Super Junior 11 - 20


more icons @ sushi_milk
black arashi

The Reason

Arashi's fan now is becoming bigger and bigger, so I want to know why you guys fall for arashi for the first time and who is the first member that you laid your eyes to?

Thank you.....