July 28th, 2008


[translations] 0808 Duet + 0806 BOAO (Aiba + Nino)

Hi ^^
I bring two translations of articles which may be of interest:
- BOAO: June 2008 (Aiba + Nino), crosstalk + individual interviews, in which the two discuss how kind the other is and what they think of "being popular"
- Duet: August 2008, crosstalk + individual recent news stuff - in which the five discuss what each of them were doing when Sho's broken bone thing happened, One Love - Two Love - Three Love, Ohchan as the dramaou, and how to kill time while Sho's busy in Beijing XD
arashi: herrroo there neen

Icons & Thanks


I want to thank everyone for their kind words regarding my friend. I'm happy to say that he's doing much better! Machines are only providing 30% of the oxygen in his brain now, and he's expected to wake up soon. From there we don't really know, but I'm so happy to say he's doing better. :D

Arashi still helps. Hee.

I offer up 13 Arashi icons of gratitude (and in my case, pleasant distraction). Samples:

+ The icon used for this post. You can find them at my icon journal here!

Enjoy. :D
the pi

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