July 29th, 2008

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 I see and hear a lot of horror stories about other bands on their fandoms, be they American, Japanese, or (especially) Korean bands. Fans who hate new members, fans who hate certain members, fans who attack other fans - it's craziness all around.

Now I don't know about the Japanese fanbase, but you guys are six ways to awesome. I've seen know bashing of Ohno from this so-called scandal; just concern and a lot of laughter over how silly he looks while drunk. I've seen very little 'so-and-so sucks' and a whole lot of love, no matter what band member you like best.

So I have to wonder, what, in your mind, makes Arashi fandom different? Is it the crack rainbows? The members? The crazy things they do? What makes you guys so cool, seriously?

 Edit: I usually try to reply to everyone to be sure they know I've read what they posted, but there's just so many replies, wow. @_@ I really appreciate how much feedback you guys have given me, even if I can't reply to everybody!

Shukudai #94 ~ Sho news ~ aibaland

Hi minna-san!!! Enjoy this Shukudai-kun!! ^___^

★Today guest: Sakai Maki, a nice 38 years old lady.
Sho news caster, kakkoii~ Sakai Maki-san likes Sho-chan ^^
Nino cooking in a kakkoii style, Sho-chan was gelous and he started the "news report" this moment was very cute! Check the video ne! ^^
Jun hairstyle was cho~ kawaii!! Like a kid when he gets up on the morning */////*
AibaLand!!! It's really cute to see Arashi playing this kiddy game! Arashi holding hands!!!! kawaii~
Riida's imitation was so cool!
Jun's imitation so cute~ he was so shy!! xDDDD

Enjoy screencaps and video cuts!

Okane ga nai

Some help please?

I'm thinking of writing in to support Ohno. But I have totally no idea where to write it to, who to write to, and how should I come about writing it. (And is it possible to write in english instead since my japanese is still at a beginner level o.o).
I guess most or at least some of us have seen this post in http://fybabe.blog96.fc2.com/blog-entry-668.html#comment1714. So I hope that everyone would be able to write in to support Ohno as well.