August 1st, 2008


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so my best friend allowed me to spam here with JE related stuff because I am in desperate need for someone to fangirly with and unfortunately most people on my flist still haven't discovered the awesomeness that is JE.
anyway, because of this I would like to ask what performances/interviews/etc. you would recommend to show to a person who is totally new to the fandom. what clips are just epic and everyone in the fandom has to see it because they are just this good? (e.g. Aiba and his 'very danger') What are the clips that you can watch over and over again without ever getting bored? and also what clips did you show your friends if you wanted them to get into Arashi?

Arashi "Dream Alive" concert goods for sale (updated on 3 Aug)

Hi minna,

Thanks for all your enquiries! I'm glad to offer the following goods for sale:

1 pamphlet @ S$40

3 ecobags @S$20 each

- 2 sets of clear files(5 members + group, 2 pcs each) @S$12 per file
  (S$5 discount will be given if whole set is taken!)

- 3 group photo sets @S$8 per set ( 2 photos in each set)

All goods are brand new, bought from the Nagoya concert venue this year! 

Shipping cost is not included yet in the prices quoted above!

Please drop me a mail at if you are interested in the goods above! Thank U^^
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38 Arashi icons

[1-17] Members solo
[18-19] Pairings

[1-13] Members solo (with variations)

[1-10] Members solo (with variations)

[1-4] Ohno Satoshi
[5-9] Sakurai Sho
[10-14] Aiba Masaki
[15-21] Ninomiya Kazunari
[22-26] Matsumoto Jun
[27-38] Group, pairings



More here @ cake_at_3am
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Gay Bar -- Arashi Fanvid

First time posting to this comm. ^_^

So I made my first fanvid these past few days, and that's some hard stuff! D: I think I'll go back to writing fic for a while. XD But I'm really glad it's done and even though youtube kills quality (I should probably post it elsewhere, and maybe I will later because it's so much prettier on my computer. ;_; But for now, my laziness is stronger than my desire to go uploading it to a site where it'll look better), I still love it. Though you know, about halfway through making this, I was like ... I should have just put the song over that video of Eyes With Delight, Jun's version; it would've fit the song all too well just by itself. XP

Oh, right, the song used is Gay Bar by Electric Six, and I used various clips from Arashi shows and performances--if you don't recognize a clip and want to know where it's from, just ask. ^_^

You can view it here. Thanks!
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I was bored today, and cuz yuckie_chan posted so many great pics, I made some wallies


And cuz Nakai-san and Arashi are fun XD XD

For much more wallies come to my LJ:
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hello arashi fans!

we are johnny no depato (johnny's department store) philippines :)

we thought you might be interested in our arashi shirt designs.

arashi 1 - arashi kanji

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yoroshiku ne~
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Maou Mail #4 & #5


2008年7月25日 大野智

Hello, it's the Devi~l!
It's summer~! It's hot~! Frankly, wearing a black suit in the middle of summer is intense (lol). It's alright for Toma's role if he gets soaked with sweat but because Ryou has a cool feeling I can't, it's a hard fight... the sweat just keeps coming~ (lol). But I'll work hard to stop the sweat!!
Now, the highlight of episode 4: realizing the devil's real target, a suffering Naoto. Keep an eye on Toma's performance!! And a new shocking fact of the devil becomes clear! A new character makes their enterance! Look forward to it! (peace)

July 25th, 2008 Ohno Satoshi



2008年8月1日 大野智

Hello, it's the Devil~!
You watched episode 4, didn't you? Though Ryou has his own plan, he's been gradually wavering with various feelings and thoughts. It's mostly when I'm wearing a suit during a shoot, but when I'm in my plain clothes there is a feeling that they aren't quite right, I'm wavering between making my plain clothes a suit. (LOL).
So at the end of episode 4, Ryou's sister emerged, she'll make an appearance in episode 5 too! What kind of existence does she have for Ryou!? Look forward to it!

August 1st, 2008 Ohno Satoshi
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(no subject)

- Bride of the Water God 01 - 07
- DOGS: Bullets & Carnage 08 - 12
- D.Gray Man (Spoilers for 168) 13 - 17

Japanese Dramas
- Koizora: Movie 01 - 10
- Koizora: Drama 11 - 15

- Seto Kouji 01 - 10
- Kiriyama Renn 11 - 20
- Inuoe Mao 21 - 25
- Arashi 26 - 30
- Aoi Yuu 31 - 35
- Ikuta Toma 36 - 40
- Koike Teppei 41 - 43


More @ sushi_milk