August 4th, 2008



I posted translations of the Shukudai-kun from 07.12.03 with Funakoshi Eiichirou, and Jun's article in Hanako:)


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tonight's shukudai

tonight's shukudai is uda uda special!!!!!!!! can't wait!!! hope they're wearing pajamas completed with futons....but maybe they want something different, not the same as d no arashi...
who knows...

Fight Song?

Randomly one day (I can't even remember where I found it to be honest) I came upon this. A Nino-only version of Fight Song. I wasn't even aware it existed!
Does anyone know where is this from? The lyrics are completely different than the original (not, that I know what he's saying :/) Any information (or lyrics!) would be lovely.
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black arashi

shukudai 080804

tonight's shukudai wasn't really uda uda special but it was funny enough.

Menu :
1. aiba as director
2. jun wearing sailor-like shirt
3. sho cooked but in the end jun is the one who cooked
4. sho got hypnotized again. the first one is he had to answer all question with a girl voice the he had to do backhand which he can't do it.
5. the return of A no Arashi
6. nino magic show