August 7th, 2008

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okay. it did make me feel sad looking at jun suffering :'( it is really a dramatic story.
and i soo want to watch it. JUN DOESNT LOOK LIKE A DAD at all ~ haha XD
damn he's soo good at acting .
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Thank you!

Maou Comic: Spanish

I came to invite you people whom can read spanish or speak it, to read my first comic of Maou ^-^
   Is an AU comic, it means nothing to do with the Maou drama, just take Shiori and Ryo pics to make it ^^

Click here for the comic.

Hope you give it a view and read it, please ^^
See you later ^o^/

P.D. Maybe I'll make it again in english, but I'm not so sure. 
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1998 Boys Be...Jr Aiba & Jun episodes [d/l links]

Boys Be...Jr. was a program that aired in the fall of 1998. It presented a mini-drama love story each Sunday with a Johnny Jr.(sometimes more) as the main character. Episode 1 starred Matsumoto Jun. Episode 6 starred Aiba Masaki and Episode 12 starred Aiba & Tsubasa. Thanks & credit to koyakas for allowing me to share these episodes here and her Megaupload links! (I used the search button looking for this & it didn't find anything with this program title so I'm hoping that I'm not duplicating things :) )

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massu : apple

Maou ringtone

I made maou ringtone due to my first time of watching the dorama and my huge applause for riida's less espression..^^,,

also accept reQuests..^^,,just visit my profile if u want some ringtone..^^

i'm sorry if this is not tagged right or maybe this post is wrong, feel free to delete it..^^

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櫻井翔x相葉雅紀 ♣ Way to ruin the cute

Truth screencaps.

103 screencaps of the new Arashi PV Truth, for people who want to make graphics of the PV. :Dv 
The pictures are .png, because it was better quality than .jpg, which may explain the size of the file. 

You can download the file here, just under the picspam, which you can ignore. xD

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yes im back for my "monthly" wallpaper posting. haha. im sorry that i miss may,june,july?! because real life is sucking my way...and here we go, brand new august with a brand new batch!! i try to create a happy theme for every single wallie, so hopefully it will bring happiness to everyone! and i pray and hope and wish that u guys will like it!!! its seriously been a while since i posted wallpapers, so i have zero confidence...and go on and leave me a some love if u like them <3 snow will be happy :D :D!!

Arashi: 5
Aiba Masaki: 3
MatsuJun: 1
Ohno Satoshi: 1
Sakurai Sho: 1

total: 11


click in!!

sorry slightly cross posted :P
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