August 8th, 2008


Prisoner of Love

Title: Prisoner of Love
Author: thefrug or artimitatessex
Pairing: Sho Sakurai/Masaki Aiba
Rating: PG-13
Summery:Oh don’t ever abandon me, if the cruelty of reality tries to tear us apart. -Hikaru Utada
A/N: evolardnek needed some Truth PV angst fic and sadly...this was all I could come up with (sorry it's not Ohmiya!) - this is my first venture into the Sakuraiba I hope you all like it!

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Aiba is Just a Boy

Southern California Arashi Fan Meet-Up

BTW -- now that it's a week and a half away, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (ONEGAISHIMASU) PM if you're coming FOR SURE!! I need a head count. Arigatou!


Also, keep an eye on this post for more details, in case I update!
Okay, this is West Coast (well, specifically, Southern California) fan-meet up for Arashi fans

Date: Sat, August 23, 2008
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Location: Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California
DETAILS: We're meeting at the Yohan Plaza, by the water fountain (it's in front of the mochi ice cream shop; there's also a bakery and a kimono shop too). Thanks to LaFrug for reminding me about this!


Okay, here's the yahoo maps for the location.

Basically, in the end you take the 101 Freeway (I take North, but I dunno which direction you're coming from, it could be South).
EXIT off at 1st Street
You take a LEFT on 1st Street
keep going West (over the bridge) until you hit Central Ave (it's right after Alameda).
There should be a parking structure to your LEFT (this part I'm hazy on).
- There's a parking fee of $8, unless you find parking elsewhere.
If that's full, there are always shopping centers and the like.

According to one of the people who lives down there, though, parking MIGHT be a problem because next week also happens to be Nisei week, and there will be a lot of festivities in LT. I didn't know about this, or else I would have moved the date! but it's kind of too late now, so that's okay. Plus, maybe that means there'll be more to do. :)

All the other places we go there are going to be within walking distance unless we go to the Purikura, which we need to drive to-- but that map is already on my post (at the end).

Where is it at?

Little Tokyo, in Downtown Los Angeles. See the info above for directons.

What to bring.

1. Cameras, if you want. Which, I think you'd want to! XD
2. Maybe we can do a gift exchange? Well, I haven't heard much word about it, but if you want, you can.
DVDs if you want (anything arashi related. But don't bring too much, as
we only have so much time, and my DVD player has only 2 hrs worth of
battery life). :)
4. Your Genki (cheerful) Arashi Fangirl Spirit!

How do I find you (as in, Liz)?

be pretty easy to find, I think. I'm tall, gaijin, and I'll be wearing
a white t-shirt that says "Aiba" on the front. (and a funny message on
the back, but I won't say! Himitsu desu!)

I also PMed everyone my cell # in case . :)


I decided to write up a list of activities. So that we all can be
involved in the planning and have fun, I decided we should all help
take a task. I need a volunteer to help with each of the following
(unless it's otherwise noted. I mean, some events you can't really have
a "planning" thing), so yeah, the more there merrier!

1. Learn the Dance Steps to A.Ra.Shi -- Someone who knows this, or is willing to learn it and then teach it to one of us! :) littlebao89

Also, a fan offered to teach us the steps to Love So Sweet!! Yay!!!

2. Arashi no Game!
I'm working on that one as we speak. It's a board game. It has tons of
trivia questions (so brush up on your Arashian-isms) and challenges. :)

3. Arashi Karaoke
-- There is a karaoke place that has lots of j-pop (including Arashi, I
heard), and it's only $5 per hour. O_O Arienatsuno!! Sounds fun! If
not, theahhmoment @ LJ is going to burn a DVD with arashi pvs &
subs, and I have my arashi Karaoke songs on CD!

"Arashi INTRO DON ~!" - we play the first intro of an arashi song, and you must guess which song it is!! Sounds fun! (thanks, DefintionDORED for the idea!)

Arashi no Skits! - Here are
some great blurbs I found by a very talented writer. I asked her if we
could act out some of them (and I guess we'll have to record them, too!
^_~ if that's okay). So memorize! Get ready to act!!

6. Photographs --
I'm sure we are all going to bring cameras, haha, for the memories. So
I think we should also name some one/people official 'photographer" of
events and stuff. And of course, this person must be respectful: some
people might not want to be in pictures, so you must respect them and
not take pictures of them. Offical Photographers: ANGELA, NICOLE @ VOX
</b></a>theahhmoment at LJ

7. Purikura, if the location has one.
(Note: Purikura is the little picture booth-sticker thingies.)

There are plenty of purikura at San Gabriel Cue, which crystalxapple @ LJ found, we might go to. Here's a link to the map:

8. BOARD GAMES!! Destini~chan is bringing
a Sugoroku game. Yay!

9. Watch DVDs? - Maybe, if my DVD player's battery doesn't die, and if we have time. :)