August 11th, 2008


Arashi - Smile lyrics!! (Kanji + Romanji)

I've typed finish Arashi's Smile lyrics!!! Kanji and Romanji only though. The lyrics are so meaningful but  I can't translate it because my Japanese is not very good. T_T

I decided to make and post this so everyone can also sing along to this happy song since Aiba played this song in his radio station for a few days now and there is still no lyrics this. . ^^

Smile at my lj!

tinybluemarble have also posted the lyrics with kanji, romaji, and translation here.
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Maou Mail #6


2008年8月8日 大野智

Hello, it's Maou!  Did you watch episode 5?  Even though I'm busy with filming, I properly watch it each time~☆  Well, it's now the second half of the drama!  Episode 6!  Crap!  Finally Ryou's true colours are becoming visible!  From now on the trouble of the revenge plan starts!  How are they going to counterattack!?  Alright!!  I'm going to think about it now. LOL  Look forward to it!

August 8th , 2008  Ohno Satoshi
Aiba: shocked?


I've not been using TVU lately, but today, I realised they took out TBS etc. and replaced it with Kewl Japan. What's Kewl Japan? Does that mean I can't watch Maou and other shows already?

Would be happy if someone tells me what's happening :D