August 16th, 2008


Wink Up AND Popolo September <3

I'm not sure if these have already been uploaded by someone...
Here are the Maou, Arashi and arashi poster from September WinkUp!!!

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Popolo 9/2008 Scans

Some great Dream A Live photos, as well as a section with 200 photos of JE bands...I've got the KAT-TUN, News and HSJ photos, so if anyone would be kind enough to give me link to some of their comms, I can join and share them too ^_^

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[Alix] Bibliophile


Using tangerine_fever's scans from here of the september Popolo, I made a rather simple but quite fun wallpaper. It comes in 4 sizes (and making it a different size is really easy, just add or subrtract white space!) and has lots of room at the top for those with busy desktops

this way
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Please bear with me. It's my first time to make icons, so I think there are quite a lot of mistakes, errors, etc. :| :x

There are 5 MatsuJun icons and one icon of him and Aiba.

Here are 2 of them:



You can find it here.
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request for lyrics translation


Hi minna!  I’m so sorry if my first ever post in this community would just be a request.  I’ll try my best to give contributions next time.  XD

But please pardon me from requesting the English translations of “Be with You” and Nino’s solo, “Niji”.  I had been looking for the trans so many times now but had no luck :c   

 I can still remember the first time that I’ve heard of these songs.  It made me quite teary because of the beautiful melody but it makes me realize that it would be nicer if I got teary eyed on listening to a beautiful song and understand what it means too XD  

Thanks in advance guys. *-*

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