August 21st, 2008

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Maou #3 Dialogue

I wonder if anybody can help me giving the dialogue line from Maou #3, starting from minutes 44:32 to 45:00
Romaji is enough for me, but ah, forgive my selfish request, kanji + hiragana will do better ^^;

I plan to put the texts into my graphics, and you will be credited of course ^___^

Thank you in advance, and I'm sorry for bothering you all with my request ^^;

Regular Edition of truth / Kaze no Mukou e single out in S'pore already

 I just got off the phone from HMV Citylink & they told me the Japan press , regular edition of the single is already available for sale . HMV Heeren hasn't received the stock yet after I asked the staff from Citylink & I STILL cannot get through the Heeren's outlet T_T .

Someone must have forgotten to put down the phone properly .

Anyway the single's selling for S$20.95 so if you're a S'porean like myself , go get it NOW ! I think I will do that later on today or tomorrow . 
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Arashi and Koizora icons

i made some icons last night coz i am sooooo into Koizora right now! (even though i haven't watched it yet, just the screencaps!) xD
Miura Haruma is ♥~
there are some Arashi ones to~ :]

[10] Arashi
[32] Koizora



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Here We Go! Album Rip

Just in case someone out there was looking for a high quality rip with booklet scans. Since I saw a request for it over at onlyarashifiles, thought those who weren't members there might like this.

Album: Here We Go!
Released: 2002/07/17
Tracks: 14
Quality: 320 kbps
Format: mp3
Tracklist: 01: Theme Of Arashi
02: Easy Crazy Break Down
03: 君は少しも悪くない (Kimi wow Sukoshi mo Warukunai)
04: Tokyo Lovers Tune Night
05: A Day in Our Life
06: ALL or NOTHING VER 1.02
07: 眠らないカラダ (Nemuranaikarada)
08: 君はいないから (Kimi wa Inaikara)
09: IROあせないで (Iro asenaide)
10: 愛してると言えない (Aishiteru to Ienai)
11: 星のFreeway (Hoshi no Freeway)
12: いま愛を語ろう (Ima Ai wo Katarou)
13: WOW!!
14: ナイスな心意気 (Naisu na Kokotoiki)

Download: [SS]

Download the Rar file here for more scans goodness.

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beginner ! 6 icons :/

helloo :)
i dont really know how to make icons :/
but i tried to make six
i know there's not many and i don't know if they are any good
but i thought i would let you guys know in case :/


at my lj jessknickers  <-------

ps. sorry if they not that great:/ ill try to improvee