August 23rd, 2008


AAA2 Tokyo ticket

Hi everyone~
I'm still looking for a ticket for the 9/5 show at Kasumigaoka Stadium. It's really curious... for the Dream-A-Live tour, I saw TONS of extras. And on this one totally nothing, except for trades and even then barely any. If you have or know of someone who has ONE ticket, please point me in the right direction. I'd really appreciate it; thanks!

Chiildminder's icons :3

One of my favourites hobbies is the design but for my
work I leave this for a long time, anyway  today i had
some practice with the PS (because make icons is
very difficult to me!!) and  bring some designs of the
childminders chapters, mmm... it's simple yes, but
i like the simple! :)...  I hope you like it ^^


Want you see more? clic HERE
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