August 24th, 2008

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Truth on Osama no Buranchi

Hulla minna san..this is my 1st time posting here. I just find this vid on youtube


It seems they're promoting Truth..sadly i dont understand what they are saying T^T
anyone can subs this??sankyuuu
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Syoran [Flowers]

Request .. Ohno's little drama ..

Hii Every Arashi fan x3

I was going to ask you about Ohno's drama ..

under the title

[Gekidan Engimono - Katte ni Nostalgia - Ohno (2004) ]

I found it on ArashianFiles .. the 4 episodes .. but the first link is Himitsu's .. so it's wrong T_T

I want to download it really bad ! so please anyone can provide me the link for the first episode I would be more than thankful ..

Thanks in advance ..
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