August 26th, 2008

Sakurai Sho
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"truth" PV (Subtitled) - Download and Lyrics

Since my pre-order of the truth/Kaze no Mukou he single just arrived, I figured I should get the music videos translated and posted immediately...

Okay, so I could only subtitle one immediately. The other will be up tomorrow.

[EDIT (08-28-08): Added download for PSP mp4 format]
[EDIT (09-16-08): Added tags and other information to conform with rules]
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Truth/Kaze No Mukou E on Oricon Chart

Truth was sold (6744 x 1,818=)  12139.2 yesterday, and One Love was out from oricon. T-T
But see what I found:


I don't understand Japanese, but I think Truth is #2 on Oricon yearly chart  after One Love ne?? Sugoi!!
And I don't know that A.Ra.Shi is a big success for Arashi, I mean, I know that A.Ra.Shi was sold more than 500,000 copies on its first week, but I don't know that it could reach 557,000 copies. It's amazing!!!!!! (I hope I don't misunderstood this article XXD)
I wonder if someone can translate the full article (in rough is okay). ^^
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