September 9th, 2008

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[translation] Arashi - Mago mago Arashi - Kodomo no BanGohan ep 2007.06.02 After Show Talk

This is an old episode, and I'm only translating the after show talk because.... it's fun? they're hilarious? They're Arashi and that alone is enough reason for me to translate? ^^
Anyway, hope you enjoy,

Mago mago Arashi - Kodomo no BanGohan ep 2007.06.02 After Show Talk
What would Arashi members do when a girl is crying in front of them?

Arashi never fails to amuse me, no matter when. Not even when I've watched it again and again. They're made of gold, these guys,

As always, feedbacks are ♥♥♥, yes? Yes.
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AAA in Taiwan

Hey!  I'm just wondering if there are any other (crazy) overseas fans heading to Taiwan for the concert?  (I know, I'm utterly insane, but I used some of my savings from my part-time job to pay for my flight and ticket, so... I'm going! ^__^)

But, if yes:
a) anyone interested in a pre-concert meetup and/or queue group as we wait for goods?
b) anyone interested in sharing a hotel room? lol. flying from Canada to Taiwan is expensive :(
c) anyone need a ticket?  I have one extra~ (leave a comment w/ your email and I'll tell you details)

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Want! Arashi Around Asia 2008 Ticket For Taipei Con

Minna, anybody here who has extra two tickets for 2800NT seats for the Arashi Taipei concert - please email me at

I'm very much interested and serious (and desperate) in getting those tickets!!! Onegaishimasu!

Or anybody here who can point me to right website where the said tickets are in auction, your help will greatly be appreciated! :D