September 11th, 2008

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Maou translations!

Hi, this is my first post here:) Maou is going to end soon... Tomorrow is the last episode T.T So I thought I should post this before Maou ends. ^_^ I have done some translations related to Maou - Maou producer's blog & Maou fun meeting behind-the-scenes report from Japanese fans who went for the event. (Maou fun meeting was broadcasted live on 15th Aug so there were some cute behind-the-scenes moments during the commercial breaks~) All under the cuts!

Edit: I replaced the cut links cuz I was having some problem with them:)

Maou blog

Maou Fun Meeting 

Arashi - jun rainbow
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Help needed

Um, my friend found this on youtube (it's Sho, but you can find the rest of the boys in Related Videos), uploaded by mikapingu. Can you tell me please where are those clips from? Were they on a DVD? Of which concert then? Or was it a show? Any help is appreciated.

If this was ever posted here before, then I'm truly sorry and feel free to delete my post at any time.
BTW I just wanted to tell you that even though Sho is only brushing his teeth there, he looks so freakin' hot I'm melting inside *dies*

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[01-16] Arashi
[16-19] Aiba & Yokoyama Yu
[20-27] NEWS</strong>
[28-28] Toma</strong>
[29-42] Hana Yori Dango
[43-43] Inoue Mao
[44-45] Ueno Juri;Nodame Cantabile
[46-49] Miyazaki Aoi
[50-54] Ueto Aya
[55-58] Shirota Yuu
[59-60] Yamamoto Yuusuke
[61-62] Akanishi Jin
[63-64] Aoi Yuu
[65-68] Alexis Bledel
[69-70] William Moseley & Anna Poppewell


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