September 12th, 2008

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Mod Post - Rules Again? Oh dear...

The rules post and profile have been updated with the changes and additional rules that were suggested at that post. You can view them here.

Please make sure you review them seeing as there have been some changes that are quite important, including a clarification regarding the video file posting rules, and a three-strike rule.

All I ask is you read and follow the rules, please please please.

One thing I'd like to remind everyone about is our tagging system. It is there for your benefit. So PLEASE, remember to tag your posts. Even if you think the tag may not quite fit, use it, and say something to let one of us know that maybe we should include another tag that's more appropriate.

I can't catch every post and tag it, it's just not possible.

So please, for your dear mod's sanity, tag your posts? And read and follow the rules? T^T

I wanted to let you all know that soon we'll have a new layout. Not sure when it's going to be done, but hopefully soon. :3

I'm also hoping to hold a few contests in the near future, so keep an eye out for them!
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Ping Pong: Maou last ep promotion

Ah, finally, today is the last ep of Maou... but I can't watch it live cuz all the players aren't working for me T.T So I am going post this in the mean time while waiting for someone to upload it >_< Ok, so since today is the last ep, Ohno & Toma have been busy appearing in news programmes to promote Maou. Their schedule is crazy O.o From about 5am till 7pm, they went to 5 different news programme! I only managed to catch one of them & that is "Ping Pong". Here's some screencaps (sorry about the poor quality ^^) & translations of what they said:)

Ohno's lip balm