September 16th, 2008

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2 Arashi! Aiba Masaki no Rekomen Arashi Remix! Subbed Videos

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here. I got a project of turning Aibachan's Rekomen into watchable subbed videos, and in line to Arashi's anniversary, I created 2 episodes. Please take a look on my Wordpress blog.

2008.05.02 / 2008.05.23 - Aiba Masaki no Rekomen Arashi Remix!

I hope that you can try to watch his funny episodes. Thank you :)

6tones - 大我 - 僕僕

[translation] Arashi - MMA Arashi no JoukaMachi 2007.05.05

In which the boys went out of track with the topic, and hilarity ensues, (not for the first time, hahah) Oh Sho.. oh, NIno...♥

hope you guys enjoy~ I know I haven't been replying to all of the comments, but every single one made my day, and made translating this more than worth its while, so thank you guys so, so much ♥♥♥

onto the translation:

Mago mago Arashi - Arashi no JoukaMachi 2007.05.05

Arashi members, are there any moments where you think you're still child-like?

we're in the middle of shooting, so shh...

A/N: and thus the topic went straight to the window XDD
focused, thys name is... not Arashi ^^;; love you regardless though, guys~

As always, feedbacks are ♥♥♥, yes? Yes.

Maou Ratings!!

Last episode of Maou got 14.1% ratings...!!!! It's the highest of all episode..then followed by the first episode, 14% and the third highest is the 2nd episode!!!

But i don't really care about the ratings, the important thing is OHNOOOO!!!!
Ohno_Puppy nose

Last Maou blog translation

Maou's producer updated his blog on the Maou official website today! This will be his last post & I did a full translation of it. Unlike previously where I just translated parts with Ohno.

Quite a long & touching post... He mentioned about the last scene, Ohno giving Toma a call & he addressed Ohno & Toma individually in his post... Go here to read it!
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