September 17th, 2008

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[translation] Arashi - Arashi no JoukaMachi 2007.04.31 After Show Talk

More after show talk~

tomorrow's my birthday and yesterday I twist my ankle and it's now swollen (and hurts like hell) so

I'm trying distract myself from being depressed. Thus a huge dosis of Arashi for me, and more translation for you guys =)

Coz both equals cracky love in my head♥

Mago mago Arashi - Arashi no JoukaMachi 2007.04.31 After Show Talk

Arashi members, have you got any experience with the supernatural?

A/N: Yay for hillarious after show talk. I love Sho a whole lot everytime he talks in English. It makes my heart

flutters ^^ Nice pronounciation of 'Jesus' btw, Sho-chan, ^^;;

As always, feedbacks are ♥♥♥, yes? Yes.

Subbed Shukudai-kun^^

Arashi no Shukudai-kun
[#33] 070521 Guest: Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)


Taichi makes Nino look like a really bad kouhai, Aiba flails around during the mini sports competition, they have salads from all over the world to try, and they go on a scavenger hunt throughout the Nittere building. It's full of good moments, but all I can notice is Taichi copping a feel from Aiba and Sho. Sho screamed in the hallway. XD

Translation: enshinge
Subbing: ohmiya_sg (Saragorn)

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