September 23rd, 2008

Ohno_Puppy nose

Nov 08 Popolo translations & pics!

Bringing you translations of Nov's Popolo!

They asked about Arashi's daily routine, habits & etc. Quite interesting & even though the questions are simple, I felt that their answers are quite reflective of their character/ personality. I was like "This answer is so _____. " *insert member's name*

Summary/ Snippets... or whatever you call it^^
- Aiba memorizes the radio programme schedule?
- Sho doesn't exercise or train?!
- Ohno's favourite TV channel?
- Nino goes home straight after work to practise...?
- Jun is an environmentalist?

here to read more!!

Henry Lau 3

Last reminder! - Vancouver, BC, Canada meetup!!

Please click on this fake cut for info on time/place and etc!

Please note that this meetup is only for people located in British Columbia, CANADA.

Also,  canada_johnnys  is hosting a trip to Japan which will take place during the summer of 2010 (Vancouver Olympics 2010 FTW).  If you are interested, please click on this link.  Please go back a few entries to find the older entries regarding the Japan meetup. ^^

(You have to be located in Canada to attend this trip though since the whole point of it is gathering Canadian fans and having this huge meetup in Japan. ^^)