September 27th, 2008

Rakky Man

I'm Going To Taipei!!!! Woohoo!!!

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Btw, anyone here from Manila going to the Taipei con too? Want to meet-up? Email me at ;D

I also want to ask if anyone here knows about the following:

1. When and what time exactly are the boys arriving in Taipei?

2. Are cameras or videocams allowed inside the Taipei Arena? I seriously doubt it, but will binoculars be okay?

3. Will they be selling official concert goods/merchandise there at the Arena? Will they be overpriced and is it hard to get (like will they be instantly sold out)?

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! :D

Ohno_Puppy nose

Sho Beat 3/2/08

Hi guys, instead of magazine translations, I'm bringing radio translation this time! It's Sho's Sho Beat, the one aired on 3/2/08. I know it's a bit old but it's very cute! He talks about the birthday mails he got from the other members & he was imitating how Ohno kinda whines to him. XD And I subbed it! So you can actually hear him talk. Boring if you just read the translations right?^^

Click here to listen!