September 28th, 2008

6tones - 大我 - 僕僕

[translation] Mago Mago Arashi - Kodomo no BanGohan 2006.11.04 After Show Talk


Remember what I said about biting my own tongue over the hiatus thing?

Anyway! Another translation ^^ Does the thought of Arashi and children make you smile? Like it does to me? Then you'll like this segment right here~

Mago mago Arashi - Kodomo no BanGohan ep 2006.11.04 After Show Talk

if the 5 people here all have sons, would you have a second generation Arashi?

As always, feedbacks are ♥♥♥, yes? Yes.
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Concerts in .mp4

Just a small request: I know I saw a concert (AAA perhaps) converted to .mp4 for iPod way back but didn't bookmark the page like the moron I am. I think it was on Vox but I don't know if that person posted to LJ as well. Does anyone know where I might find any of the concert dvds converted to .mp4 and where I might find it? Otherwise, I'll have to convert it myself.