September 30th, 2008


Arashi fans in the Phils unite! ^o^

heard about this in MJPH  (MatsuJun PH) and felt the need to publicize it furthermore ^^

Who: All Arashi fans in the Phils
What: An Arashi Fan Gathering
When: October 18, 2008
Where: Pasig City

click to see map

there would be a 150Php contribution for food and drinks^^
to those who want to go to the venue together, let's meet up at Robinson's Galleria.
text me at 09228658593
and I'll inform the organizers ne~


[TV] 24hr TV part4 (30.08.2008) SUBBED

I bring you part4 of the 24hr TV subbed with nyanchan  's translation. :)

Arashi's action in this part is almost non-existant but the story and the dart trip interview are very touching and entertaining.

Let Jun's wide smile lure you in!

Download  is available HERE AT MY LJ
You can find the earlier parts with sutitle there, too :)

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Arashi fan's[Poll]: Who is your ichiban? Cast your votes now

Calling all Arashi Fan's around the globe...Just thought its time for a new poll...but I'm dying to ask everyone this...
The poll question is "Who is your ichiban?"

I've started this poll 3 days ago @ vox community and the response has been sugoi!!! Given that there's alot of people on the LJ community I wanna share the poll here and need your votes now.( Gomen, I'm not an active LJ user right now but posted here coz I'm sure it will reach alot more Arashi fan's.) So make sure you vote in the poll to be counted ! The poll will be open for the next 1-2 weeks. For those who love sharing, please also post why that member is your ichiban here !

Click here to vote directly at the voting booth! OR Click here to vote at my vox and add post comments! Once you've voted, you can checkout the current results of the poll: Poll results here!

Who will it be..Nino, Ohno, Jun, Sho or Aiba? Guess who's leading the poll at the moment? Vote now to find out... Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!^^ [info]super2468

For those that would love to post their voting comments & cannot add in my vox, please feel free to post here!
EDIT : Poll close date will be 9th Oct 08 12:00AM PDT (pacific daylight time). Please keep the votes and comments coming in...arigatou!