October 10th, 2008

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Guys...it's simple really...


I cannot sit here every hour of every day and catch and tag every post.

The tags are there for your benefit. Use them.

When you post, LJ gives you a little notice saying "posted!" with links. One of those links is "tags". Use that link to tag your posts. Pick the most appropriate tag, and you're done!


Also, I'm not going to 'make a rule' about it, but could we please refrain from requesting subs for every new episode of every Arashi show? I don't know if it's from the sudden influx of good subbers who provide us with subs, or what, but subs are not going to be available for every single thing. Especially not the day after it airs. Okay? Please, just stop.

In layout news, we should have a new layout up soon, so keep an eye out for it. :)

Friendly reminder before I go, all advertisement posts must be approved BEFORE posting No exceptions. If you post, and it's deleted, do not ask then for permission, because it won't be given.
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HnA 25

after wathed yesterday HnA, it was totally hilarious! may somebody subbed it please?? coz when Q&A segment, it seems like psicologic test and i wonder what they're talkin about. i just know some words, thx to risuw-chan to translating it, hehehe
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Translations: Oct08 duet (Sho & Jun)

Here's Sho & Jun's parts for Oct08 duet!!! Enjoy!

10 questions asked in the interview!

What type of noodles do you like?
What type of food do you like?
You have more friends from which blood type?
Acting, singing or dancing?
What type of music do you like?
What type of dance do you like?
What kind of girls do you like?
What are you scared of?
Whose birthday do you remember?
What's important to you now?

Click here!

Aiba, Ohno & Nino's here if you haven't read it^^