October 20th, 2008

Ohno_Puppy nose

Arashi Discovery (Subbed) 1-4 July 08

Hi guys! I have translated & subbed Ohno's radio programme, Arashi Discovery! I stream it & I have also uploaded it to MF. I included the transcript of my translation too. I have done 4 eps: July 1st-4th, 2008. More to come in the future!

What he talked about:
July 1st: Rain Man
July 2nd: Summer Holidays
July 3rd: Sa-toshi
July 4th: Maou

The way he talks is really funny & he 'growls' alot! XD Listen & you'll understand what I mean :p

Click here for the vids!
sho punpun

Special Cell Phone Single!!!

J-web and dwango.jp have come out with an exclusive single for Arashi's new AU CM, 「僕が僕のすべて」.

It is available as a ring tone, full song download, and calling tone (what people hear when they call you). 

There is a special album art that is attached to the song and shows in the Lismo Player. (will try to upload the song and photo when I get home from work)

This is available for people who use AU only!!!

It seems like all other phone users may be able to get the song after 11/5 when the Single is officially released.

This song is the B-side of 「Beautiful Days」