October 27th, 2008

Ohno n Sho

Tribute to Otsuka-kun - KOE

When I heard that Aiba's radioshow assistant Otsuka-kun passed away, a pang of loss hit me. I was simply dumbfounded. I mean, this guy's still so young! I've heard a lot about this wonderful guy from my friends Linda & Lina, seems like his voice has a great impact in making people feel comfortable no matter what happened. I personally have not heard him (since I'm not exactly a fan of radioshows, though I adore Arashi), but I guess it's too late now. I must've really missed something.
To keep Otsuka-kun in our minds & hearts forever, I've modified Arashi's song "Koe" together with my Japanese teacher.
I hope this tribute will somehow reach Otsuka-kun who's now in heaven.


2 嵐 Posters! + Original

This is my first time making a wallpaper, so I'm afraid they might not be so good...

But here are two versions of my wallpaper. I made them for my friend 'cause she requested that picture with the words "tonight, we dine in hell". I hope you guys like it. :D

I can upload textless ones too.

The size is 1600x993.

Credit to yuckie chan (i think) for the original background picture. (Please tell me if I'm wrong!)

Comes with the original picture.

Version 1

Find them here at my LJ!

P.S: If possible, can you guys actually help me improve on my editing? I'm using "The Gimp" 2.6 version since I can't afford Photoshop. :[