October 30th, 2008

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Favorite Arashi Television Show Moments


I am doing a presentation on Japanese idols in Japanese television next week, mainly focusing on Arashi, and I am trying to gather some clips from their television shows (this includes any of them).

Anyway, there are obviously a TON of episodes in all of these and while I wish I could remember all the best episodes, I can't skim through them all to find the parts I might be thinking of.

So I was wondering if all of you wonderful people with your knowledge of Arashi shows could tell me your favorite episodes or parts of episodes are so that I can share them with the rest of my class.

Episode number is all I really need, but if you there's a particular part that is your favorite let me know. If you have a favorite moment but don't remember the episode feel free to comment as well, I might recall the episode myself.

Remember these are going to be short clips, so I'd prefer small segments as opposed to longer ones.

I hope this is alright with the mods, if not just let me know.

Thank you so so so so much!
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AAA08 - Taipei recordings

Hi everyone, as Arashi heads into the next leg of the Around Asia tour, thought I'd share some voice recordings I recorded from the Taipei concert. I was lucky enough to attend both concerts, after paying exorbitant prices for the tickets on the 11th though (fangirls should seriously help each other out by selling tickets at reasonable prices). But it was worth every penny of it coz Aiba and Ohno performed right infront of us on the mini platforms, like i-can-see-the-sweat-on-your-face, right infront of us!

Had actually recorded both concerts on the 11th and 12th Oct, but the screaming of fangirls, me included of course, makes the recording pretty unbearable to sit through and listen. I only took out the parts of the MC and where there was talking... coz when Arashi talks, everyone listens...

Nino's Niji - 12 Oct (where Nino says the much talked about - 'Thank you' in Hokkien at the end)

MC - 11 Oct, 12 Oct  

Mid-Concert clip - 11 Oct, 12 Oct (both are almost similar)

Ending speech - 11 Oct, 12 Oct

Encore 2 - 11 Oct, 12 Oct

Encore 3 - 12 Oct

Enjoy the clips, and for those heading out to Seoul and Shanghai.... HAVE A BLAST!! coz it's sure gonna be a great show!

*usual applies: no uploading onto streaming sites, proper crediting please*