November 1st, 2008

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I bring you scans!! :'D

sooooooooo I started up a scanning account last week dedicated to post scans of all the JE things I own (not counting mags because others post them better and quicker than me), which means my Arashi things too! Until now I haven't gotten around to scan everything I have by them, but I'll steadily work my way through all my collections~

Yush, here is what I have up until now;
[ R ] [2007-07-11] TIME

[ R ] [2003-09-03] Hadashi no Mirai / Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono
[ L ] [2008-02-20] Step and Go
[ L ] [2008-06-25] One Love

[ R ] [2007-10-03] Kiiroi Namida (Arashi)

Feel free to take anything, comments are love and credit is not needed but I would be thankful~♥

6tones - 大我 - 僕僕

[translation] Arashi - Mago mago Arashi ep 2007.06.09 After Show Talk

And yet another MMA after show talk. This time more Sho-centered, but still cracktastic like everything that Arashi is ^^

btw, you know what's great? somebody actually got a cut if this vid posted in youtube,

url: [credit: curry00213, thank you,]

Arashi members, what are the things that brings joy to you?

Anyway, do enjoy,

...uh what?

A/N: Oh, Sho~ I love it when the other members just won't stop teasing him. He's adorable like that^^

As always, feedbacks are ♥♥♥, yes? Yes.
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Arashi's achievements so far...

Hi guys, sharing some info here^^ 2008 has been a really great year for Arashi & they've achieved so much this year!! I am so proud of them!!! So I have done something like a summary of their achievements this year, compiled from various articles, websites & blogs :D

So if you guys are interested to read, go take a look here ^_^