November 3rd, 2008

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Jun 01

AnS Eps #108 [2008.11.03]

Here is Arashi no Shukudai-kun.....please tell me if any of the links dont work. ^^ And join files with hjsplit.

File Size: 265mb
Format: Avi
Uploaded: MU and MF

Here at my Lj

also i ripped the Beautiful Days Pv from Tudou.... so

its at my Lj also

(Format 1)
File Size: 11mb
Format : FLV
Uploaded: MF

(Format 2)
File Size: 33mb
Format: Avi
Uploaded: MF

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Clubbox problem!

Hi all!

I need some help with clubbox.

Have been using clubbox for about a year now, and recently it failed me!!!

Every single clubbox site shows 'the page cannot be displayed' with IE, except for the main clubbox page.

I heard it may be the DNS problem... or is it not?

Help please!!!