November 6th, 2008

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arashi calendar

so once again I return with a couple of scans~
I know you probably all already have them but I would just like to mention they are up for download at k8rgy  too!

Arashi's 2008-09 Calendar

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Warning! Image heavy~

Download link to MU and MF at the end of the posts
Comments are love, credit is love too but not needed at all~
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Arashi Whips Fans Into Frenzy

well..its about their latest concert

Popular Japanese pop group Arashi whipped thousands of Korean fans into a state of frenzy, as they staged four sold-out concerts in Seoul over the weekend.
It has been two years since Arashi performed in Seoul, but judging from the deafening screams at the Olympic Fencing Stadium, their fans are as crazy about them as ever. The group is in the middle of a three-city Asian tour, ``Arashi Around Asia 2008."

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Moving Pendant
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HnA #29 Screencaps!

Hey there!

I took some screencaps of one of the segment in Himitsu no Arashi-chan. It features Nino, Aiba, Ohno and Jun fitting into a very very wiiiiide shirt. And it was just really cute, so I though about sharing it here too!

If it's not the appropriate place to post, please feel free to delete XD. I'm in a flailing mood!


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