November 10th, 2008

Masaki - Otomen.

Concert Question.

Quick question... How hard is it to get Arashi concert tickets for a show in Japan? And hopefully, one that are in the Summer? I'm wondering if I should even bother with this or not, to be honest. |:
Sakurai Sho
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One Love - Subtitled PV (downloads and lyrics)

One Love
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Behold, the PV for "One Love" as promised so long ago...

Since my copy of the "Beautiful Days" single will be coming soon, and I plan to sub that overnight as is my protocol for hot-off-the-presses stuff, the time was clearly overdue to cross this one off my list. Next back-catalogue PV will be "Step and Go"... I figure I'll just go in reverse chronological order.

And this time I remembered to optimize the PSP version for widescreen...

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Dark Knight

Ryusei no Kizuna - Episode 04

As hinted by Akusub, this is a key episode! Hilarious grifter performances by Taisuke and Shii-chan in this one. :)



Translation: akusub
Beautiful Days Lyrics: saladesu
Orion Lyrics: nana_utena
Raw Provider: marchlavender
Everything else: rainawallis

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Aiba butai starting in February next year

Aiba will be in a butai starting next February, running from 2/23-3/10 in Tokyo (Aoyama Theater), and 3/20-3/23 in Osaka (Umeda Geijutsu Gekijou Main Hall). The title is "Greenfingers," and is presumably based off the Clive Owen movie of the same name.

I would never have expected to see the day that Clive Owen and Aiba shared the same role, but...apparently here it is. ;P