November 16th, 2008

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[wallpapers!] 17 arashi wallpapers~~

Hi!!! remember me? im BACK with wallpapers~~ hehe sorry for taking so long (AGAIN) *laughs*
17 arashi wallpapers for grabs~~ im quite satisfied with the new batch..lots of varieties and variations.
and FINALLY nino wallpapers :P 

okeeey lemme cut the crap, im now posting all my graphics to my new community,
dont worry yes you will be link there, so dont get panic hahaha...and yes enjoy!

| take me far far away |

ENJOY!!! and i hope u like it!!!

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Ohno - HAY!

Scans: Myojo NOV. 2008 & Myojo DEC. 2008 & Popolo DEC. 2008

So I've had the November issue scanned, but I wanted to wait to scan my Popolo issue when I had time, and then I ended up getting the Myojo issue for December too! Today was a MAJOR scanning day. :P I've uploaded them all to both Mediafire and Megaupload (I know lately people have been having issues with MU). They are compressed files.


Collapse )ENJOY!! Let me know if there are any problems with the links, and I'll do my best to fix it. ^_^ I also went to Book Off in Costa Mesa on Saturday, so look for scans of the January issue of Wink Up coming soon (I haven't seen them uploaded here)!