November 17th, 2008

Dorks Unite

Ryusei no Kizuna - Episode 05

So which way did he hold your hand, Shii? ^.^

Great episode, especially this scene with Taisuke. :)
But just wait til you get to the end of the episode! :O Uwaa! Honto ni? >.>;

Translation & Timing: akusub
More Timing: kamezou
Beautiful Days Lyrics: saladesu
Orion Lyrics: nana_utena
Raw Provider: marchlavender
Everything else: rainawallis

MU - 364.49 MB

MF 001- 100 MB
MF 002 - 100 MB
MF 003 - 100 MB
MF 004 - 64.49 MB

Please keep these off any and all streaming video websites. Enjoy all and have a nice week. :)

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G no Arashi Minor Sports?

Hi everyone!

Here's a little request but i thought it would be interesting to have a list of what nonsense arashi did in the past.
Has anyone compiled a list of minor sports G no Arashi featured? it's just way too much and i forgot most of them.
It will be good if you have a video or somthing.
I'm actually planning some games and i thought minor sports will be cool!

anyway, if ever we have an Arashi outing, we should just try out some baka experiments or kabadii, for fun! :D :D 

please help me out here..
so sorry, nothing to bribe >_<

Thanks so much people!! Appreciate you girls!!