November 23rd, 2008

korean fashion


I'm looking for the episode where this clip is from.

Subbed version would be the best, but anything is okay. Sorry for my bad English, and please delete if not allowed.


hi, i don't think this has been posted here before, but i could be wrong. i found this video on youtube, unfortunately the uploader has disabled the embedding function. click here to watch a young, pre-arashi aiba and nino (and possibly ohno).  Its bascially cuts from an episode of.. erm.. idol on stage i think. the old jr show with music jump as one of the segments.  [we get to see some other chibi johnnys too.. yoko is pretty cute here. :)]

i couldn't resist a little teaser: Collapse )
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WINK UP MAY 2001 picspam ~


i wanna thanks to everyone who leave a comment in my lj for my scanlation... arigatou...
for those who have already seen my scanlation. i brought to u my wink up may 2001 pic spam...
hehehe~ i found its quite interesting to share.. ARAShi with a lot of funny expression.. ^^ ohmiya moment.....
i took the picture from my scanlation below and enlarge and crop it.. eg. dear sho clings to ohno *love*

for more picspam please go