November 26th, 2008

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Eighty Five Icons! || Happy Birthday Ohno!

In honor of Arashi and Ohno's 28th Birthday, I give you icons! Eighty five of them to be exact!

» Arashi [001-003]
» Aiba [004-015]
» Jun [016-026]
» Nino [027-037]
» Ohno [038-062]
» Sho [063-072]
» Maou [073-085]

» CREDIT [info]osak!
» Resources

001 002 003
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Dark Knight

Ryusei no Kizuna - Episode 6

Taisuke: You want me to do... what? 

Finally! :D

Sorry so late, but I almost didn't have another translator. Everyone give a big THANK YOU to kakijun who has graciously allowed me to use his subs in order to finish this series. :)

To make life easier, I've posted the DL links for this episode, as well as the firt 5 episodes, over at my LJ.

Episode Six Here!

Enjoy! :)

P.S. Tanjyobi omedetou, Riida! <3
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sixety seven icons

Lots of icons todayy. I would say I made more in honor of Oh-chan's birthday but...I didn't. lol. But he's in there. SO

Happy Birthday, Riida!
We love you and your adorableness <333

Anyway we've got some loverly icons today a total of 67. About half of which are of Ikuta Toma, but there's more Arashi. lol.

[36] Arashi
[31] Ikuta Toma

Find them here at amtopm_xx
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Na-chan (Aiba 2)

Oh-chan Wallpapers

In addition to my icon dump (Go check it out and leave comments!) I made a special wallpaper in honor of Oh-chan's B-day!

Happy Birthday, Riida!
In honor of our beloved, baby-faced leader, I've made a wallpaper.
Send lots of love and hugs and kisses to Ohno today as he celebrates his 28th B-day!

(Go check out the wallpapers here and the icons here)
camel gif

AAA 2008 pamphlet (traditional Chinese version) have been sent!

Not sure if anyone else was affected by the pamphlet fiasco in Taipei, but I'll post a translation of the announcement made by Super Dome here since it hasn't been posted yet.

The pamphlets have been sent to those who a) bought the simplified Chinese version on Oct 11 and have requested the traditional Chinese version by email or fax and have provided the relevant information (i.e. correct receipt #, etc.) (the receipt #'s listed at the bottom of the page are those that have already been processed) and b) subsequently ordered the traditional Chinese version (sorry, don't know how to translate 劃撥). If you still haven't received it by Nov 28, send an email to with your name, email address, receipt #, and the # of copies, or fax the information to 02-2721-7992.  

Super Dome is still processing requests by those who've lost their receipts. Send an email with your name, email address and the # of copies to inquire about the status.

For the official announcement and the list of receipt #'s, go here.

Note: According to those who posted on the Super Dome forum, the above email address doesn't work.