December 1st, 2008

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a color question

So, in the usual scheme of Arashi color-coding, purple = Matsujun and green = Aiba, right?  But in all of D no Arashi, G no Arashi, and Arashi no Shukudai-kun, if you look at the text that appears when they speak, Aiba's is purple while Matsujun's is green.  Does anyone know if there is a reason behind this?  Or are they just playing with our heads?

Shukudai-kun #112 ~ Daigo, foundie, aibaland

Hi minna-san!

Here today's Shukudai-kun episode! Hightlights, screencaps and video cuts on my livejournal every week, as always ^_^ It has been a while that I don't post here :3

Guest: DAIGO. I only know him from Tegoshi, because Tegoshi likes to imitate Daigo-san, like the hands pose ^^ Tegoshi did the impersonation on Happy Birthday's PV too xD

Daigo-san knows Nino, from STAND UP drama 5 years ago. Also, Daigo-san knows Aiba-chan from Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen.

Sho-chan asked about an Arashi song to sing in the karaoke, and Daigo-san replied that he likes "Love so sweet", but Sho-chan thought that "Wish" will be more cool with that hand pose xD But seems that Daigo-san doesn't know it O_o

Tasting Food: Fondues. I want to eat the cheese and the chocolate fondues!! >////<


★ Remember, Odoroki5 SP on 28th December!

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