December 4th, 2008

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Minna! In need of help!
I am looking for the vid where Aiba and Ohno were sitting on a boat with this lady giving them English lessons...
I found this, but the link is dead...
Was wondering if anyone has it? And could possibly upload it to MF?
MF is the only one that cooperates with me.. (T___T)

And another thing would be if anyone can point me the direction to Ohno's solo con that has been subbed? Particularly the funny talking part ...
I think I saw it somewhere but can't remember where... All help would be greatly appreciated..

m(_ _)m Arigatou!

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Dark Knight

Ryusei no Kizuna - Episode 07

"I don't think anything of that kind of droopy-eyed, wet rice cracker man.
But I won't give you the older brother.
Axel is the only one who I won't give!"

Seriously, Nakashima Mika has some of the best lines. XD

Sorry this took so long. Report card grades were due this week, and I kinda had to do work first. ^.^;; And even with the late release, I'm still not completely finished with my grading!

Also, Episode 1 has an HQ version. Enjoy!

Get Episode 7 now!
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ARASHI calender 2009-2010 !!

Quick update!

Diary Style Calendar Photo by Wakagi Shingo
A5 size(210×148mm), 128 page

Comes with these Specials
Wall Calender Bi-Monthly Photo by Ninagawa Mika
A3 size (420×297mm) 7Sheets
ARASHI Gorgeous Hologram Sticker (A4 size 297x210mm)
credit info : kikinini
credit pic : 嵐 .vox
I am so in-love with this pic

Himitsu no Arashi chan tonight

Ah is it okay to ask a Question here? I apologise if this is not allowed. Anybody speaks japanese and was watching Himitsu  no just right now? I was just too curious I couldnt wait 4 subbed version of tonight's ep. What was it about the 2 guys? are they brothers or what? they were talking about DNA and stuff usually you can just catch what they are talking about by watching but this time atashi wa zenzen wakarimasen..and the egyptian couple they had 7 babies right?

waaaah the frustration of not being able to speak nihongo. Hay..

Thanks everyone.
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