December 5th, 2008


DL News Zero 08.12.01 (1280 x 720 Resolution)

* Sho Ichimen

Credit for the video: Gachapin CB, if you taken credit her not me.
RAW 336MB - HDTV - uploaded in MF and MU links

Four Files (3 files of 99MB and one of 39MB ) - Join with HJSPLIT.
MU: Single File and divided in four files (3 files of 99MB and one of 39MB )
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Please help me..>__

Minna,,,please help me finding the video from himitsu no arashi chan where riida was being sprayed and then he just appear white all over his looks like he's being sprayed by a fire extinguisher...O_O..? please help me find another clip from himitsu no arashi chan again where aiba was being frightened by 'sadako-look-a-like'..?maybe himitsu no arashi chan haunted house..? please minna help me finding if there really is any sub version of this two favorite show...your help will be very helpful for me since i've been looking for this for ages...T__T,,so your help will be an eve xmas for me na~..^^,,,arigatoooo very very much..^^,,MF and MU always works with me,,so if there's anyone who can help me,,thanx u soo much na~

p.s if this post is misplaced,,feel free to delete it..thank u so much...
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Himitsu no Arashi-chan #33

Hey there everyone! I know that people are watching HnA a little less now since the show's formula changed a while ago. But I wanted to share with you a couple of screencaps that I took towards the end of the latest episode.

Ohno's trying out to break a record (or just wants to have fun). A guy succeeded in wearing 224 t-shirts. And Ohno apparently tried it out too. lol

Look forward to the next episode!
The screencaps are here!