December 10th, 2008

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Aiba Wallpapers

time is running, don´t you think so too  ^_^

As we all know there is going to be a birthday in 2 weeks (yes two weeks until christmas eve... do you already have all the christmas gifts????).
And therefore Aiba is the man of the month, isn´t he ^_° . Somehow I had alot of fun making my first Wallpapers a few days ago so I decided to make some of Aiba and here they are. I hope you like them *gggg*

Aiba bläulich         

for more see cariad_82

Credit: to everyone who uploaded Aibas Piccus. I can´t exactly remember where I got all the pics, so if you want me to name it just contact me and I will!!! 

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Pre-order ARASHI calender 2009-2010!

Calling fellow fangirls in S'pore!!

Kinokuniya has started taking in pre-orders for school calendars of the various Johnny's groups! Drop by the customer service counter/ Japanese books section and you'd find a teeny weeny notice displaying the different groups as well as prices. Deadline for pre-orders is 14 Jan 09. Arashi's calendar (refer to lovely preview by ichaa) is going for SGD46.30, which is probably cheaper than ordering from most online places like yesasia etc.

Non-refundable deposit of SGD20 required. Collection period probably late March to early April.


[translations] December Nonno + others

0812 Popolo - Interviewer notes - A tiny observation the staff made
081205 Nonno - Aiba, Ohno - Arashi-bun no Ni, Vol. 05 Arashi’s Dreams, scans thanks to jhime <3
081220 Nonno - Aiba, Jun - Arashi-bun no Ni, Vol. 06 Arashi’s Christmas Eve, scans thanks to [info]yuckie-chan <3
0901 Potato - Arashi's AAA2 MC - The "Ohno Satoshi, ordering food In English for the first time" episode
Enjoy~ ^^