December 13th, 2008

Dark Knight

Ryusei no Kizuna - Episode 08

Seriously loved this episode! :) Sorry it took so long, but when your main translator needs to study for final exams, real life has to take precedence over online life. ^.^;

But here it is, at long last, episode 8. kakijun  has given a tentative promise, though, to have episode 9's subs done this weekend. がんばってね!Later tonight or early tomorrow morning I should have the HQ version of episode 2 online as well. Watch for it!

In the meanwhile, get thee to my LJ and DL episode 8! :D

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Himitsu #34 ~ T-shirts Challenge

Hi minna-san!
The Himitsu-chan #34 had something interesting, the baka challenge with the T-shirts! They wanted to break the record of wearing 224 T-shirts!!
Otsukaresama deshita, Riida!!

★ There was a lot of Juntoshi moments!!! Check the screencaps ^^
Aiba-chan was so cute taking care of Oh-chan too ^^
★ Specially, Riida trying to eat his bento was adorable~
Nino-chan send a T-shirt message, but it was just to promote the drama... xD
Riida was so tired... he couldn't go to the toilet either >.<
★ It was so hot for Riida... They faned him with AAA uchiwas (and AAA T-shirt) xD
Riida gave up at 170 T-shirts!
★ Ah! During the Guest Quiz, Aiba-chan was adorable!! 
「泣いちゃう。泣いちゃうけど、何か?」  (’◇’)/

Enjoy screencaps here ~ [info]tenjostyle and Riida's challenge in streaming on my Vox!

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Scans of Meikan Vol.1

yush, here I am again with something I scanned~ :D
This time it's volume 1 of the photo book series Meikan, which used to feature all our favourite Johnny's Juniors & since this volume is way back from 1996, it contains pictures of chibi-arashi too!!


An index to figure out where exactly you can find your boys is at the end of the scan page along with download links to MU and MF for the people who want the whole thing!
Remember comments are love and credit is love too (but not a must)
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[MOD POST] Update and a Poll

There are going to be a few slight tweaks to the rules coming up soon (including a new profile page that will make understanding them easier).

Seeing as quite a few people are either NOT reading the rules regarding video posts, or just not understanding them, I think it's time to hold a poll regarding video posts. Again, this rule (aside for needing the file information in the post) does not apply to SUBBED videos. Only the weekly shows: AnS, Himitsu, VSA and the Dramas.

Poll #1314724 a_ra_shi video posts

Which option do you prefer for the fate of video posts in the comm?

No videos allowed; referr them all to onlyarashifiles
Only subbed files allowed; rest referred to onlyarashifiles
A master video post for each episode for the week (Ex: AnS on Monday, etc.) that you can comment to with your upload links and the mod will edit with credit

For me, I'm leaning to the third option. I don't WANT to ban you guys from posting to the community, but I'm getting close to having to do so for a few people.

Please also remember the image rules: 300px wide, 3 icon previews above a cut. If you're posting a wallpaper preview, please only have ONE above the cut.

There will be a few rule modifications posted soon, after we get the feedback for this poll. :)
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[Upload] VS Arashi #35 2008.12.13 - TKO

Since the last poster failed to edit her post to comply with the rules, the post has been deleted. Since it was the first post for this episode this week, I went ahead and uploaded it to MU and MF for you guys.

Air Date: 2008.12.13
File Size: 263mb
Encoding: .avi
Source: ChaChaii@Veoh
Guest: TKO
File Servers: MU (one link) & MediaFire (3 parts, join with HJSplit)

Upload Links:

MU | MF: .001 .002 .003 (MF - all parts available)

Z-Share links thanks to satsumatsu
.001 .002 .003

If you would like to mirror this episode, please comment with your links and I will update this post to include them.

This is a TEST of the master post system, to see how it fares.
Ohchan mecha kakkoii
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Arashi wallies 5

Some new wallies for you people
Not only Arashi, but Kat-tun as well
I hope, you will like them

This great scans are from yuckie_chan , crystalove87  and jone_records 

(3) Arashi
(1) Jun
(1) Jun-Ohno-Aiba
(1) Juntoshi
(1) Oh-chan
(2) Ohmiya
(2) Sakuraiba
(1) Sho
(1) Kat-tun (without Jin)
(2) Kame
(1) Koki
(1) Kokame


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HI! ^^ I have a question. I downloaded Keyhole TV and I wanna know which day, and what time all those Arashi's tv shows come? and from what channel. Could someone help me? I mean all those Arashi no Shukudai kun, himitsu no arashi etc. Thank you.
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