December 14th, 2008

  • murii

Xmas Gifs

I minna~ Is Xmas season, so I made some gifs with the present that you will want xD eh~ was very interesting make the snow, I think it looks very nice :D I don't know so much the snow, 'cause in my country in christmas is hot, very hot I must say xD today I survived xD but I made snow 'cause santa lives in north pole xD

emm, I made with specific colors in arashi and k8 and I put ryo en k8...
I don't have problem in change the color if you don't like, and if you want another person with the effect please don't be afraid to ask me I will make it for you :D and tell me the color ^^

that is all, please enjoy ...


The color edges are not a part of the icon :D

here @ murii
Ohno_Puppy nose

duet Jan2009: Arashi interview (full)

I did a partial translation of Arashi's interview in duet Jan2009 the other time (along with the Arashizm part). But some people requested for a full translation so here it is!!!

The boys are asked the same set of questions in this interview:
When do you think a woman is sexy?
When you think of adult...
Times when you think you're an adult?
Times when you think Arashi is more mature/has become an adult?
Recent report.


Sho - Scarf

[Scans] Piano scores update (Truth, Kaze no mukou e etc...)

I've recently got 2 new piano scores book so I've updated the previous list I've already shared.
Major new songs include One Love, Truth, Kaze no Mukou e and How to Fly.
Also new arrangements of old songs are available, as well as some piano+vocal additions, making it a total of more than 170 new scans :)

*Don't claim as your own
*You're free to repost this elsewhere as long as you credit back with a link to my LJ. Except on vox for the only reason that Vox rewrites the files name, so even if you credit me, the tag I've put in the file name, which helps people to keep track of who scanned

what, will be lost. Sorry :/
*Comments are appreciated

Check the complete list here and enjoy playing the piano with Arashi :)