December 19th, 2008

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Only Star 081201: "Secret of Arashi - Character ver." - Jun

The last one from "Secret of Arashi - Character ver." series of interviews in Only Star! :D JUN!!!
I have done the other 4 members previously, links can be found in my LJ:)

Who is the most fashionable?
Who gets lonely easily?
Who is the best cook?
Who knows no fear in Arashi?
Who is the most protected in Arashi?

Jun's answers to these questions are...

arashi → ohno → wet unf

[Master Post] Ryusei no Kizuna - Episode 10 - FINAL

File: Ryusei no Kizuna episode 10 - FINAL - LQ version (will update with the other versions when they're found)
Air Date: 2008.12.19
File size: 316mb
File type: .avi
Aspect Ratio: 640x360
File servers: MU & MF (Both Single file and split)
Source: my12


Single File: MU
Another, thanks to rafael_xp at last_of_days here.

Split Files: (Join with HJSplit) 4 files
.001 | .002 | .003 | .004

MU links thanks to the amazing inuhariko:
.001 | .002 | .003 | .004

As always, if anyone has links they'd like me to share, please comment on this post with them and I will include them.

Also: PLEASE no spoilers of ANY kind in the comments. Thank you. :)
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Arashi Ringtones

Minna I ripped some part in AnS and made them as a ringtone. Gomen for it is not that good. I dont know from what episode it is.

Click here to the download page.


How to approach the convenient store girl..
Subs by bunniesnrabbits @ youtube
Ohno: Ahh.... ummm... I'll give you the change, so please go on a date with me next time
Nino: Convenient stores are open 24 hours but.... I go for 24 hours too!
Sho: This is my phone number.. Please give me a call if that's ok with you.

Marriage proposal..
Subs by salleychew89 @ youtube
Aiba: Well...It makes no difference if we've been together for 5 or 50 years. Wanna get married? Wanna go now?
Sho: The computer is frozen again... and my heart has also been frozen for 5 years. Please click on my heart! Marry me!
Nino: We've been together for 5 years... How about I date you as my wife in our 6th year?
Jun: Im verry happy. Thank you. You're always cooking me delicious food. I want to eat your delicious cooking forever.. Will you marry me for that to come true?
Ohno: YOU! Marry me!