December 21st, 2008


Jun in CUT wallpaper

Hi minna-san!

I was inspired and I did this wallpaper!
I made a lot of versions with various languages and resolutions!
Hope you like them! ^_^

"although I know that you are not there, I keep looking for you in bed..."
「君がいないのは分かってるのに、 ベッドでいつも探してる」
"aunque sé que no estás, te sigo buscando en la cama..."

Enjoy! Download Links here
m junpei: octopus mouth

Vote for Arashi!~ :D

Hello fellow Arashi fans! :D

Please vote for Arashi for this "2008年度娱乐圈调查报告—明星系列"/"Chinese Entertainment 2008" thingmajig; Arashi's option is the last on the second last row, just fyi. :D

Some weird Chinese/Taiwanese bands are owning the poll at the moment and it's pretty ridiculous (;AAAA;) so please help to vote for & support Arashi! :D If I'm not wrong, you can cast your vote once/day.. but I'm not really sure. ;_;

(Vote for Arashi naooooooooooo! :D)

*x-posted, gomen! :(

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