December 25th, 2008

Aiba Masaki

Happy b-day Aiba!!!!!!!!

OK yesterday it was one of my favorite person's birth day (it's 2:12AM so i'm like really tired) It was Aiba Masaki's yay!!!!!!!!! alright so i would have done this eariler today but i was busy with Christmas stuff so yup, i'll do it now... First of all let me say that i am sooo glad Aiba was born and for every thing that happened that led to him to Arashi and that led me to Arashi too. He is my ichiban and always makes my smile and laugh. I think he has the best smile ever! Ever since Arashi and Aiba have been apart of my life I have been a much happier person. So i am very thankful for them. Also a big gigantic thankyou to all of you who post  Arashi mp3s, magazine scans, graphics, videos, and subs! without you i wouldn't get my Arashi so thank you!
so finally HAPPY BIRTH DAY AIBA MASAKI!!!!!!!! <3
I have something to share in honor of Aiba tonight. Only two weeks ago, it was my b-day yay, and i got some Aiba pictures from my sister and i thought i would scan them and share them (sorry they're not that good... i might put up better ones) Anyway enjoy!
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