December 30th, 2008

mao 1

attention to all USA arashi fans!

Hello, everyone~ ^.^

i got permission to post this ad, so here we go!

on facebook, i recently made a group called "嵐 [A*RA*SHI] fans in the USA" and so far there are only 3 people in it. i KNOW that there are other arashi fangirls (and fanboys) living in the US and i would just love to meet, chat/flail with, and become friends with them! so, PLEASE~ ^__^ if you have facebook, please join my group, write on the wall with your state & your favorite arashi member, INVITE your other arashi fans in the USA, and let's unite together and bask in the glory of our favorite boys. haha.

so, here's the link:

and thank you very much!! <3
Toma kawaii

Arashi Single Survivor Game

Hi mina,
I started an Arashi Single Survivor Game over @ my LJ
Please visit and join the game to see which single will be the suvivor! ^^

This is a single survivor game where u need to minus one point from any of the Arashi's single and add one point to ur favourite...
please copy the result/post made before urs and use that.
Tthe single that finally been minus till 0 point will be dead and out of the game.
we'll count till there's only ONE single left ....the SURVIVOR.