January 3rd, 2009

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Along with the many sites and projects in existence for various countries and regions, I'd like to promote a new website dedicated to Arashi's North American fan base.

aims to bring fans in North America together with news of fan projects ran by fans and the site itself; fan gatherings; and by collecting the names of North American fans into our Fans Database.

At the moment, we are looking to grow the Fans Database. If you live in North America, please feel free to add yourself to our Fans Database! We hope to use it as basis for a chance of Arashi's involvement in North America one day.

Thanks for reading and we at AAA.net hope to spend 2009 making a name for North America.

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[sharing] JE's Billboard Collections in Shibuya

I have posted pictures of billboards of new dramas in Shibuya over at my LJ.
My friends just came back from Japan and they shared these over at KENBOARD.COM.
Even though there is only one related to this community, it's still better to let you all know anyway.
Follow the link to the post at my LJ then...^^...

JE's Billboard Collections in Shibuya

PS. Thanks for the space and X-post to many other communities~

The Recent Non-No Scans

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The main reason I posted these is because I could not find the Ohno and Jun ones on an Arashi journal.
I posted all of the Non-No scans excluding the Ohmiya one. Which proves they are married. All of the scans came from Aishiteru Nihon @ LJ.

If you enjoy them please thank her for them. If you go to her Janaury scans, you can also see the new AU add with Jun which is REALLY nice. http://aishiteru-nihon.livejournal.com/
Credit to Aishiteru Nihon as well if you are going to use them for graphics please.
Clicking the pictures will enlarge them to a fairly large size. Most are about 1400 x 1900.

Comments are nice and so is credit............

Oh this is my first comm post ever, so sorry if I did something wrong. I tried to read and follow the rules. I hope I did it correctly. Would you mind telling me if I need to improve it.

7 Arashi GIFs to celebrate the new year! ♥

* All icons below the cut are usable in Livejournal.


1. CREDIT PLEASE. GIFs, although I'm not unfamiliar with them, are not easy to make. One must undergo the tedious process of capping, taking note of coordinates for cut+paste, and check the consistency of the GIF and the file size before the work is actually finished. It is not easy, so if you're going to use these icons, please, please credit. If you don't know how, it's very easy. Just put made/designed by <lj user="tapsilogue"> (do not edit that anymore) in the Comments box in your userpic page. Thank you!
2. Do not use these icons as bases. Most of the text I put are on white spaces so they're pretty easy to override/edit, but please don't do anything of the sort. Capping is not an easy task. ^_^
3. Comment if you're taking any! It doesn't have to be all praises and the like. I welcome constructive criticism, if it isn't overtly disrespectful and ill-intended. :)

CREDITS: All video screencaps were taken by me (shows include Arashi no Shukudai-kun and Odoroki no Arashi SP2), courtesy ofarashi_yuuki ,taijiprojectsub , andtechni_teddy . If you see a screencap from the video you uploaded and you were not mentioned, please tell me, and I will credit you. All photoshop brushes provided by Deviant Art, FreePhotoshopBrushes.com, MyPhotoshopBrushes.com, GetBrushes.com and Celestial Star. If you see your brushes here and you were not credited, please tell me, and I will credit you.

[1] Aiba
[2] Ohno
[1] Sho
[2] Arashi
[1] Ohmiya


icons available here @ tapsilogue
Ohmiya : Hands
  • thefrug

Ohmiya/Love Triangle Fanvid!

Title: Whatever It Takes
Vidder: HanaKimiCali AKA thefrug
Song: Waiting for Yesterday by David Archuleta
Pairing: Ohno/Nino; Nino/Ryo
Fandom: Arashi
Summery: This video is told in Ohno's POV. Nino and Ryo were in a long term relationship that ended badly. When Ohno comes into the picture, he tries his best to convince Nino to forget about Ryo completely and be happy with him. Nino however, isn't as strong as Ohno thinks he is.
Link: YouTube (please watch in HQ!)

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I hope you like it!
You can go to my personal journal (thefrug) to find more of my fanvids!

Arashi in Mecha Ike SP!

Arashi in Mecha Ike SP was hilarious ^___^
Specially, the opening and the batsugame xD

★ Where is Riida? They forgot him xD Enjoy this hilarious moment with the video!
★ Dancing A.ra.shi
★ Can I say that Jun was so kakkoii? ^__^
★ It's better that I don't spoil what happens to Riida at the end, but he got quite angry xP

I have uploaded the show on Vox and I took a lot of screencaps ^^

Enjoy at my livejournal post [info]tenjostyle or in my vox post