January 5th, 2009

translation help needed!

Hello everyone:D
I've been lurking around this community a lot and its time for me to post somethin. Unfortunately this isn't a song or something like that. I'm actually writing to ask for some help.

You see, i have to do a research in my school and the thme I've cosen about is"Japanese music:Johnnys Entertainment" I know, a great themeXD
So here comes my request:would anyone be willing to help me translate the japanese wikis. That would include the early bands an the information about them too:)

I honestly hope that someone is wlling to translate from Japanes into English:D

If you are willing to help, please comment to this post:D

A big thanks!!!

xposted to a lot of places:D sorry for making your flist full:D

MyArashi - Malaysia Fanbase of Arashi

Hello everyone! I saw bakushou from ArashiAroundAmerica.net promoting their Fans Database and it made me realize that MyArashi hasn't been promoted here yet!

As a Malaysian fan of Arashi, I would like to promote our own fan database at MyArashi (Malaysia Fanbase of Arashi). It has been set-up since 22nd December and so far more than 100 fans have filled their details.

To find out more about MyArashi, or to fill your details, please visit their site here.

And don't forget to say thanks to Miss Fong from NST for her wonderful write up on Arashi :)

Thank you for your support!

PS: gimmick_game  approved this to be posted here. Thanx! ^^