January 6th, 2009

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Just a reminder....

Last spam for today, possibly.

Just a reminder that the new birthday rules are in effect as of this month.

This means any graphics, fanart, fanvideos, ANYTHING you make specifically for Sho's birthday cannot be posted until one of the mods posts the Master Birthday post for his birthday, which will probably occur either January 23 or 24th, EST, since some people start celebrating early.

This rule is simply designed to help keep down the influx of posts close to a member's birthday.
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Hawaii Fans

Hi im from hawaii and i wanted to make an Arashi Fanclub sort of thing in Hawaii.  So far i have not found many fans from Hawaii, but i know that lots of people from Hawaii know about Arashi.
If you are interested in what i have to say contact me by pm.

thank you, Katala