January 9th, 2009


Kansha Kangeki ame Arashi of AAA 2006 taiwan concert

 HI! I was wondering where can i find Kansha Kangeki ame Arashi from Arashi Around Asia 2006 (Limited Edition)  Disc 3 - the Taiwan Concert ? Cause apparently I see a lot of videos but no one has done a concert rip, cause the Kansha Kangeki ame Arashi song is in mandarin (chinese) and later in jap. I loved it alot. but cant find links.. if anyone has it.. please tell me!! *desperate*
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Arashi Discography, Radio, Concert Rips,

 I have some Arashi stuff uploaded on my livejournal. it's all their discography.. singles, albums, concert rips, baystorm, sho beat etc. feel free if you need anything. Comment ok? (: Comments are lovely. 

You can find the download links for Arashi Discography here at my Lj
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